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5 sex positions for guys that love big booty ladies

Typically men have preferences, a lot of men like big ass women. Here are some sex positions that can make the sex sweeter with the endowed lady. Africans generally love the big booty and we would love for ways to enjoy it.

Here are the five sex positions that will make that big ass more enjoyable, according to Jill Hamilton, Cosmopolitan.

1. The reverse cowgirl remix

Reverse Cowgirl RemixReverse Cowgirl Remix

The position is just pure bliss, you’ve got that view. You can see the ass in all its glory as bounces up and down over your groin. The lady straddles the guy with her back to him, while holding his legs for support. Depending on if she likes spanks, this position can allow you spank her ass or you can start beating them to make percussion if you like.

2. The backward crush

The Backward CrushThe Backward Crush

This position will allow you feel the effect the of the backside. The lady puts a leg on a chair or higher surface, this allows the leg to be open. The ass is also anchored in such a way that the guy can penetrate from the back.

To make it even hotter, if the both of you can do it in front of a mirror, you’ll enjoy it better, looking at each other through the mirror.

3. The booty worship

You can also return the favor. It’s all about the booty here.

4. The back-up queen

The Back Up QueenThe Back Up Queen

The guy sits down on a chair, and then she can begin to dance with the booty around the guy’s crotch. An erotic dance will be in order, tease him, tease him that he wants that ass so badly.

Then when you’re done teasing, back it up to him, then slowly ease the vagina unto the dick. Go deep or shallow, however it suits you, girl!

5. The cheeky monkey

The Cheeky MonkeyThe Cheeky Monkey

This is for those whose love for the big booty is a notch higher than the usual. If you don’t do anal, make it sexier by getting some lube then rub it generously in between the ass crack then let him put his penis in there and thrust into it.

The lady lies on her back, and can support by using her hands to press her ass together so the sensation is better.

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