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It’s no news that every guy gets attracted to a lady with a big butt. Ladies now feel that since it attracts guys a lot then that’s what they need to keep their man.

A big butt is to a man what sugar is to ant. But it doesn’t end there; men are not all that foolish. Yes, a big butt would bring all manner of men to you but don’t be surprised if you can’t keep any with you.

The fact that a lady has a big butt doesn’t make her a man’s Miss World; you need way more than that. Even with that big butt, a lady can be so ordinary in the eyes of men.

I bring you just 4 reasons your big butt won’t keep that man.


The truth is when a guy sees a lady with a big butt only one thing comes to his mind and I guess we all know that. First and foremost he’s already attracted to you for the wrong reason which is sex and once he’s had enough, you would then seem so ordinary to him. So even with your big butt you would definitely attract that man but you won’t attract him for the right reason except maybe you have some characteristics that would eventually make him value you.


A lady with a big butt would definitely have all manner of men all over her; this can chase away even the man that actually likes you. The idea that he would have to compete with all calibres of men can make a man scared of having something serious with you. Not every man likes the frenzy that follows a lady with a big butt.

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Men have this promiscuous feeling about women with big butts. I can hardly tell if it’s because of the fact that men get attracted to them or that they are really promiscuous. No man would want to settle down with a lady that he deems promiscuous. If you have a big butt and you give him every reason to disbelieve you, he actually would.


Have the entire big butt in the world, if your attitude is bad you won’t keep your man. He would eventually get tired of both your attitude and your butt if your attitude isn’t right. When it comes to settling down for men, they think deep and the size of a woman’s butt wouldn’t be his priority.


Most ladies pray to have a big butt; some even get jealous of the ones with a big butt while some take it further to do a butt enlargement. So many ladies that have a big butt think they have it all; if you doubt me, check your social media; some even go as far as making jest of the ones with smaller butts.

However ladies, if you think having a big butt is the ultimate, you need a rethink

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