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DEAR LIRA: I had incredible sex with my best friend… now I’m torn between her and my girlfriend

I MEANT just to comfort my best friend, who was very upset about her boyfriend – but we ended up having incredible sex and now I am torn between her and my girlfriend.

We have been best mates since we met at secondary school.

We walked home together after our school-leaving prom when we were 16 and stopped in the park.

It was a beautiful, warm night and we sat down on the grass to look at the stars.

I kissed her and she kissed me back.

Then we had sex.

Afterwards we said we loved each other but we thought it would spoil our friendship if we became boyfriend and girlfriend, so we left it there.

Our friendship has always been very important to us.

We can talk about anything.

We like the same things and do loads of stuff together like going shopping and to the cinema.

I am 21 now and live with my parents.

My best friend is 20.

She came round one evening two weeks ago when my parents were out.

She was telling me how badly her boyfriend had been treating her and she started crying.

We said we loved each other but we thought it would spoil our friendship

I hugged her and gave her a shoulder massage.

It felt so right and I slid my hands down into her bra.

She turned round and before we knew it, we were having sex.

It was brilliant.

We talked afterwards and both said it would be great if we were together.

But I already have a girlfriend.

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She is 20 and we have been together for six months.

She wants to get engaged and keeps talking about getting married and having children.

I have told her I am not ready for that yet but she can be pushy.

I don’t really like spending time with her now.

My love for my best friend is so strong.

It feels like we are destined to be together but I am confused about what to do.


LIRA SAYS: For starters, break up with your girlfriend and you will see things a lot more clearly.

She is pushing you to make a commitment you are not ready for.

If she is not the one you want, be fair to her and finish with her.

My e-leaflet about ending a relationship will help.

Your best friend says her boyfriend is treating her badly – why is she staying with someone who makes her unhappy?

Tell her she must make up her mind what she wants or it’s not fair on anyone.

Even if you both decide to end your relationships, think carefully about whether you want to be together.

You need to take time to just be single and let the air clear or you risk losing a friendship without cementing a relationship.

Get together too quickly and it could spoil the chances of things working out.

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