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26% of men are secretly doing THIS during sex – it will shock you

According to the National Survey of Sex and Behaviour 91% of men reach the big-O while having sex compared to just 64% of women.

However, your ideas around male and female orgasms are about to be skewed by the results of a shocking new sex study.

The survey of 3,000 people by Ann Summers found that a whopping 26% of men are faking it.

While the idea of women faking it seems depressingly normal, we didn’t even think guys could.

So why are men faking a climax during sex?

Well, 35% revealed it was due to being too tired and 40% admitted to faking to avoid hurting their partner’s feelings.

The results also revealed that a massive 93% of women have faked an orgasm more than once in their lives.

With National Orgasm Day taking place on Monday July 31, both men and women are being encouraged to be more honest about climaxing and sex in general.

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FAKING IT: A whopping 26% of men fake orgasms during sex

Sex and relationship expert Alix Fox said: “The ability to orgasm depends upon knowing what type of stimulation works for you as an individual, and getting this for long enough, plus being in a sufficiently relaxed and turned-on state of mind.

“Climaxing often requires paying attention to the body and the brain.

“The first step to letting a climax happen is to open your mind to it being a possibility. Believe it, and you’re more likely to achieve it.”


EXPLODE: Men can have multiple orgasms too if they hold off ejaculation

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Another sexual skill men can master is the multiple orgasm. The myth that only women can reach this lofty pinnacle just isn’t true.

The key is to hold off your ejaculatory orgasm for as long as possible.

Before a man reaches the point of no return, he can train himself to experience all the sensations of an orgasm without physically ejaculating.

Firstly, you have to be sexually self-aware and in tune with your level of arousal.

Once you know how to bring yourself close to the big-O it’s possible to feel some of the involuntary contractions of orgasm without fully climaxing.

These pleasurable contractions can occur over and over continuously until you eventually ejaculate.

Find out how your love life compares to the average person by checking out the results of the globel orgasm survey.

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