“THEY’RE DOGS”!!! Boity seething with anger! BLASTS racists! – Hype Avenue
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“THEY’RE DOGS”!!! Boity seething with anger! BLASTS racists!

Taking to Twitter, Thulo described what happened when they entered a restaurant in St Lucia, Kwa Zulu Natal. Thulo said at around 1pm, she went to the restaurant to order take aways. Shortly after that, as they settled into the restaurant,  a waiter came to inform them that they would be unable to serve them as the kitchen was closed, an explanation she dismissed because “the rest of the people (all white) at the restaurant were eating”.

The tweet she explains the incident in: 

A visibly enraged Boity went on to tell her followers that the last time she had to argue with racists was while she lived in her home town of Potchefstroom.

Despite the several tweets from followers requesting the name of the said restaurant, Thulo did not share it. But she did express her exhaustion with dealing with ‘these dogs’ :

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