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Is This Lasizwe’s bae?!!! Maybe uBabes wamaleyvels has a babe after all!

He’s open about every aspect of his life but rarely his love life. Does he have a bae, is he single, are his skits lowekey what is he going through? With Lasizwe you just never know

Lasizwe has blessed us with memes and has been making us laugh for a while now, but as outspoken as the 19 year old is, he doesn’t often speak about whether or not he has a special somebody in his life. The media personality has always been open and speaks openly about being gay and that is one of the many reason’s we love him.

Some of Lasizwe’s parodies/or skits as some might call them he channels single people and how maybe some people are just destined to be alone which lead some people to believe that maybe Lasizwe himself is single and can’t seem to find a man. Well all that changed when Lasizwe posted a picture of himself with an unidentified somebody with a really spicy caption, but yet again this is Lasizwe we’re talking about and maybe he was just being spicy.

Could this be Lasizwe's bae?

This makes us understand the true meaning of this meme doesn’t it?
Lasizwe meme
After this picture was posted, Lasizwe was very regular on the love quotes and deep love captions on his social media accounts, which lead people to think that maybe things between Lasizwe and this mystery guy weren’t as rosy as Lasizwe might have made them seem.

The guy in which Lasizwe “claims” to be his bae, is actually in a relationship with someone else and that Lasizwe might have thrown a few bricks at the other guy. Gino

The guy known by the name of Gino Silver (right) posted this picture of him and the other mystery guy and can you guess what Lasizwe’s reply was?

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