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UH OH!!! Kwaito star Mdu Masilela allegedly pays lobola for second ‘wife’ in secret – Report



The second ‘wife’ has reportedly confirmed the lobola, but the kwaito star insists he is not a polygamist.

Kwaito star Mdu Masilela and his uncles reportedly went off to KwaZulu-Natal to pay lobola for Sibahle Dlamini, his baby mama and the woman he allegedly assaulted two months ago.

The Sunday World reports, however, that this was apparently done without the consent of Masilela’s wife, Sarah.

The Dlamini family had demanded the first wife’s letter of permission before Mdu Masilela could approach them with lobola, but he had apparently brought only his uncles and the agreed amount of lobola on the agreed date.

Sunday World reports Sibahle confirmed that the lobola had been paid for, but declined to provide further details.

And while Sarah Masilela is reportedly furious about the situation, most of her fury aimed at the Dlamini family, her husband prefers to be specific about the definition of lobola, and insists the monies he paid would not be regarded as lobola by law.

For now, Masilela wants to focus on his marriage with the first wife, and has told the tabloid he is undergoing marriage counselling with his wife.

Earlier this year, reports surfaced that Mdu had assaulted Sibahle at their “love nest” in the Johannesburg North suburb of Lyndhurst.

Sibahle’s family told Sunday World they ha

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