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JUSTIN BIEBER DROPS A BOMBSHELL!!! Does Justin want to MARRY Selena Gomez?



Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez might be thinking about the next steps in their whirlwind rekindled romance, according to a new report. Does Justin want to marry Selena?

As we are all well aware by now, Selena Gomez, 25, and Justin Bieber, 23, have been hanging out again. Over the past few weeks, there have been plenty of reports about their numerous bike rides, romantic date nights, and kissing sessions. So, it was only a matter of time that rumors would start floating around about what their next steps will be in this revived relationship. Apparently, the “Friends” singer feels pretty sure of his future with his on-off girlfriend — he even “wants to be a better person for Selena,” despite having made poor decisions in the past, a source told Us Weekly.

The “Love Yourself” singer isn’t taking this second chance for granted. “He’s changing to make her happy, which makes them both happy,” the source continued. Justin even “wants to marry her,” further down the road. While it’s a sweet sentiment that JBiebs wants to be his best self and do right by his partner, not everyone‘s convinced he’s capable of true change. “Selena has gotten criticism from [her loved ones], but she reiterated that she sees a different side of Justin this time,” the source said. “Her friends and family trust her judgement. For now, they are happy that she is so happy.”

People close to Selena haven’t been the only ones questioning her decision to start seeing Justin again. While fans have mostly been incredibly supportive of the Jelena reunion — they even got #JelenaIsBack to trend on social mediaafter the pair were photographed kissing in an ice rink on Nov. 15 — some of them recently took to Twitter to demand she dump him after he allegedly unliked an Instagram photo of the “Wolves” singer showing off her new blonde hair. But we’re sure these two are stronger than whatever buttons they press or un-press on each other’s social media profiles. Let’s be real, Sel probably didn’t even notice — she’s the most followed person on Instagram with over 130 million followers. It’s probably pretty hard for her to keep track of who liked what — no matter how much she likes the person doing the liking.

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