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IS KYLIE JENNER PREGNANT?!!! The Truth Is Finally Revealed!



Kylie Jenner may be trolling her fans over how badly they want to find out whether she’s really pregnant. A ‘KUWTK’ insider revealed that she’s keeping us guessing on purpose.

Is Kylie Jenner, 20, pregnant or not? One day it seems certain she’s expecting, and the next day she’s posting photos on Snapchat featuring her buying a bunch of snack food items and, surprisingly, tampons — which begs the question: uh, why does Kylie need tampons if she’s pregnant? While the 20-year-old reality star originally tweeted that the photo was “clearly altered,” a Keeping Up with the Kardashians insider reveals that the inclusion of tampons was meant to throw everyone for a loop. “Kylie’s very aware that everyone is dying for her to reveal her bump and talk about her pregnancy,” our source said. “Throwing those tampons into her Snapchat story was just a way to keep people guessing.”

If the lip kit mogul really wanted to keep us guessing, well, mission accomplished. Our insider added, “She’s loving the attention of everyone wondering about her pregnancy, she’s having fun teasing people.” Way to go, Kylie. You’ve officially played us all. We reported earlier how Kylie is battling insecurity and that her pregnancy hasn’t been as easy as she imagined it might be, according to a source. “Kylie definitely isn’t loving every minute of being pregnant, and she’s struggling with Travis being away so much,” the source said. “He’s doing everything he can to be supportive, but it’s difficult whilst he’s touring.”

While Kylie keeps us all on our toes, time will tell if the model is definitively with child or not.

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