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KEEP YOUR MINNIE & BONANG SHOWS!!! Mzansi loves Papa Penny Ahee!

When Papa Penny Ahee debuted it quickly become a fan favourite on Mzansi Magic and attracted constant engagement across social media.

A true legend who stole the hearts of thousands when he was on reality show Clash of the Choirs. Fans fell in love with the ‘authenticity’ of the show as Papa Penny allowed an ‘unfiltered’ view into his music‚ family and flamboyant style.

Fans look forward to watching Penny Penny’s show every week, and though in the beginning there were a lot of critics, there has been an outpouring of love and respect for this Tsonga music legend.

Big up to Mzansi Magic for putting respect on this great musician, he sure deserves it. Truth be told, Penny Penny has been in the forefront of Xitsonga music for many years, and to see him in his element, speaking his mother tongue and representing his people, is a beautiful thing to watch.

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