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HE IS A PLAYER!!! Bella Hadid ‘Crushing’ On Drake Despite Warnings From Friends



Bella Hadid is majorly crushing on Drake, but family members and friends are telling her to stay far away from him, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Find out why, here!

Bella Hadid, 21, can’t keep her eyes off of hunky Drake, 30, even though many of her family and friends worry about her dating him due to his history. “Bella is majorly crushing on Drake despite warnings from her sister and other friends that he is a player,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told “Bella and Drake have hung out a few times and their chemistry is amazing whenever they are together. She finds him smart, funny, incredibly talented and totally sexy. She doesn’t think the age difference is a big deal at all as she is independent and mature for her age.” See some pics of Bella and Drake at Bella’s 21st birthday party here!

The two stars were seen getting close at Bella’s birthday party and seem to really be enjoying each other’s company. “Bella wants to move forward with her relationship with Drake despite warnings from her friends. She is no stranger to dating big stars and thinks she can handle herself as Drake’s girlfriend just fine,” the source continued. “Bella feels like she and Drake are a great match.”

Before he started dating Selena Gomez, 25, Bella dated The Weeknd, 27, for some time and back in June, it was reported that the “Can’t Feel My Face” singer was happy she wasn’t dating Drake because it would have hit too close to home. Hmm… We wonder how he feels about things now! We’re definitely keeping our eyes open for any further developments in this juicy story but until then, we hope Bella remains happy and content with whomever she decides to date!

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