KARMA!!! Gang of bullies pick on bloke but get EXACTLY what they deserve with savage triple KO!

A GANG of bullies instantly regretted picking on a man when he turned round and battered them.

The remarkable video begins with three topless men screaming at their target to “do something”.

One of the gang then confronts the lone man – who has just stepped out of his car – but he refuses to cower.

Instead, he flings a right hook at the bully’s face – who dodges it.

Another bloke then steps in and receives a brutal blow to the face.

The other two antagonisers then start swinging but meet the same fate.

Within seconds, the outnumbered fella has sent his opponents crumbling to the floor as the crowd cheer.

More than 600,000 people have seen the clip since it was posted to YouTube earlier this year.

“Three lefts, three down, doesn’t get much better than that,” one user wrote.
Another added: “That’s what you get, learn to leave people alone.”

And a third commented: “Got exactly what they deserved.”

It comes just days after a vile yob who attacked an OAP was battered by every bus passenger in retaliation.