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UP YOUR GAME: 72% of women cheat if men don’t perform THIS sex act

Men should think about upping their oral game if they’re scared their girlfriend will stray.

That’s because a lack of oral action can push women to cheat, according to a new study from extra-martial dating site VictoriaMilan.

The cheaters website polled 9,107 of its members about their sex lives.

It turns out that 72% of ladies said oral sex is a deal-breaker meaning it has to take place in every relationship – and the frequency of it should not fizzle out over time.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that going down can keep your partner sexually satisfied.

Previously researchers at Oakland University quizzed 243 heterosexual men in relationships to see whether they performed cunnilingus.

They found that men are more likely to perform oral sex if they think their partner is attractive and at risk of being seduced by another man.

Obviously keeping your partner happy isn’t just down to giving her great oral sex, but according to scientists it helps a lot.

But it’s worrying that we are currently experience an “oral sex gap” between women giving and receiving.

According to a new survey called “Was it good for you too?” men are more likely to receive oral sex but not return the favour.

The study found that 63% of lads said they’d received oral during their last sexual encounter compared to just 44% of women.

Researchers also discovered that more ladies (59%) than men (52%) reported performing oral sex on their partner.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, sexpert Alix Fox explained why women are having less orgasms in the bedroom.

She said: “There’s a huge gap between the levels of satisfaction that males and females are typically experiencing between the sheets.

“There are multiple reasons behind this.

“One is that ladies generally require a lengthier period of stimulation than guys in order to reach climax – sometimes foreplay and sex simply don’t last long enough for them to get there.

“Another is that, historically, more emphasis has been placed upon men’s carnal pleasure than women’s by society: for example, consider how sex is often assumed to be over when a man ejaculates, whether his female partner feels fulfilled or not.

“Perhaps in the past, this view stemmed from the fact that ejaculation is essential for making babies, whereas female orgasm is not, but most instances of sex these days are for recreation, not procreation.”

Alex added: “It’s certainly time for the orgasm gap to close and for sex to become fairer for the fairer sex.

“To achieve that, we need to focus more on female pleasure.

“Learning more about it from reputable educational sources; speaking more (and listening more) to female partners about what personally makes them feel most wonderful, since every woman is unique; and delighting in focusing upon it within relationships, taking the time to enjoy exploring and experimenting together.”

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