BAN HIM FROM TV!!! Fans Lambast Mahoney After He Appeared On ‘Take Me Out Mzansi’!

Lunga Mahoney Kolela came to the limelight after he appeared on Sunday night’s episode of Date My Family and left social media on fire. Mahoney has been called an “arrogant” guy flexing with his inheritance money.

“If you’re rich, you’re rich,” he said.

The ‘activation coordinator’ said he was looking for a potential wife who had everything going for her, just like him.

His longest relationship was six months, which was three years ago, he told the first family. He then went on to tell the second family he last had a relationship two years ago. Seems like things didn’t go well with Kwena, the lady he met on the episode of Date My Family. “She  is a very lovely lady and we have decided to be friends and concentrate on business. We both have good connections and wouldn’t want to spoil that by dating for now. Maybe in the near future”, he laughed.

Mahoney appeared on Vuzu Amps ‘Take Me Out’ last night and when asked why he is still looking for love he answered, “I’m one of SA’ most prominent bachelor’s, do you want me to show you my Instagram DM’s? Hahaha. You all know I am searching for the one,  I am also a socialite why not do it on TV instead of Tinder?”.

Black Twitter was not happy and suggested that he banned from TV, another user tweeted, “When you want to be famous by all means like Mahoney next stop will be Uyangithanda Nah”.