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The one kind of sex you should NEVER have – according to women

After you have an argument with your partner, it’s easy to fall into the comfort of makeup sex.

However, a new study from Pennsylvania’s Bucknell University has revealed sex could be the last thing women want after an argument.

The researchers surveyed 74 men and women and asked them to name five specific things they thought someone of their own gender would do to make things right after a fight.

After the researchers had gathered this data, they split the list into categories and asked a separate group of 164 men and women to rate the behaviours on how effective they would be in amending an argument.

The results revealed that men found makeup sex as a better way to resolve a fight than women.

Men also said nice gestures like paying compliments or doing chores could also help resolve the post-fight tension.

Women, on the other hand, preferred it when their partner spent time with them, apologised and even cried to show they they were sorry for arguing.

Lead study author, T. Joel Wade, said women preferred their partners spending time with them after an argument as it showed they were willing to invest extra effort into the relationship.

He added that by apologising, this adds emotional support and eases the tension. And crying can demonstrate an emotional investment and shows he is genuinely feeling upset about the argument.

He continued: “Prior research shows that men who cry are viewed positively and as in touch with their emotions, but not feminine.”

So when it comes to what to do post-argument, maybe steer clear of sex initially.

Focus on apologising to your partner and comforting them. Maybe give them a big cuddle or two.

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