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Enhle Mbali Maphumulo launches maternity range: SEE PICs

Enhle Mbali is showing her style yet again with a pregnancy inspired clothing range called SE PREGGOZ.

Her first collection was launched two years ago and was sold out within three weeks. It’s 2017 and she’s ready to repeat history with her new range.

Enhle’s inspiration was born whilst visiting the States pregnant with her first son. She struggled to find clothes which embodied the perfect balance of comfort and style.

So she went out on a limb and decided to design her own pregnancy inspired clothing range.

According to her publicists, her 2017 collection will now consist of 7 styles and a bohemian-inspired winter collection.

Enhle is currently selling her range at the Carabella Shope in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

Here are a few pictures from her launch.

The woman of the moment welcoming her guests


The product

The Product

Enhle showcasing some of her best work


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