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THE FEUD IS OVER! Riky Rick has accepted WolfPack’s apology

The trouble came after WolfPack artist Khumz Taylor released a song called Lil Ghetto that originally contained a verse from Riky Rick.

The only problem was that Riky had not given the company permission to use his verse on the track.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE on Wednesday, Mabala Noise spokesperson Tumi Moatshe said the record label and Riky were alerted to the track recently and took action.

He explained that WolfPack had recorded a verse with Riky and switched it with another beat, thinking it would be okay.

“It was a breach of trust and was unacceptable. Riky has worked hard for his brand and to be ambushed by their decision to change the song his verse appears on is unacceptable,” Tumi said.

WolfPack took to social media on Tuesday to formally apologise.

Riky later accepted the apology, tweeting: “Thank you for the apology my brothers”.

Mabala Noise confirmed to TshisaLIVE that they too had accepted the apology and would not be taking any further action against WolfPack.

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