Chris Brown & Soulja Boy’s Fight Headed Overseas? Why They Want To Fight In Dubai

The beef between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy may be so massive that the United States might not be big enough to contain it! While these two would love to hold their boxing match in Vegas, there are some major reasons why CB and Breezy are considering taking their fight to Dubai!

What could cause Chris Brown, 27, and Soulja Boy, 26, to ditch Las Vegas – arguably the boxing capital of the world – and take their planned fight out of the U.S.A.? Well, just ask their respective trainers, Mike Tyson, 50, and Floyd Mayweather, 39, about the guidelines, rules and regulations that a fighter needs to pass before the boxing commission okays them for a fight.

Even after training, Chris and Soulja know they would never be legally cleared to battle in the ring in the U.S., sources close to both rappers tell TMZ. So, they’re planning to skip that headache by taking the fight overseas, with Dubai being their first choice for a new location.

While it may be a pain to have to travel to another country to fight, Chris and Soulja Boy reportedly think it will be totally worth it – in more ways than one. Yes, this war of words has both rappers seeing red, but when it comes to this fight, they’re thinking about the green.

Chris and SB believe the pay-per-view audience would rake in “untold millions of dollars,” according to TMZ. While these rappers have talked about making this a charity fight, sources tell TMZ that some of the money will go into their pockets. After all, they’ll have to buy their plane tickets back home!

SB may also need some extra cash for some emergency surgery after this proposed. Mike Tyson, who famously made a meal out of Evander Holyfield’s, 54, ear in 1997, said he’s training Breezy on how to sink his teeth into Soulja Boy! In a case of “his bark is worse than his bite,” Iron Mike even dropped a diss track on SB, swearing he’s “going to teach [Chris] how to knock you’re a** out, f**ker.”

What do you think about Chris and Soulja Boy considering taking their fight overseas, HollywoodLifers? Would you watch it, no matter where it took place? Who do you think would win?