DJ Sbu Is Our Hustler Of The Year! An Inspiration To Every Entrepreneur

Sbusiso Leope is our 2016 hustler of the year.

The DJ turned entrepreneur who owns Mofaya Energy drink has showed us that you can become what you want if you grind hard as an entreprenuer. There is noone who is good at guerilla marketing than DJ Sbu. He has managed to outfox his way into the sacred energy drink industry which is run by the elite who will do antyhing to shut you down.

Sbu shared a few tips on how he has become a success, telling his fans and followers these tips:

  • Stop being full of excuses, Leope said this was many people’s downfall
  • Get up early, Leope wakes up at 5.30 am everyday to conquer his goals
  • Be the best at what you do, says Leope: “You want to be like Kanye West or Mark Zuckerberg, you want success, the lifestyle, the money, cars, fame etc, but you’re neglecting the one thing that opens all doors: Being the best at what you DO & doing it at a level that simply takes the breath away of those who watch you create your masterpiece.”
  • Pray up, it seems Leope is quite spiritual and is motivated by God
  • Grind and hustle hard, these simple tips are sure to push one up the ladder according to Leope