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Riky Rick Shows Off His Toys. Why men love cars?

DOPE! Its no secret that @rikyrickworld loves his toys but what do cars give men? A sense of freedom and adventure is a highly recognized answer among both men and women.

In general, both sexes strive for freedom and power that gives recognition in society. Thus, the power and freedom men and women feel when a machine follows their commands is a main driving factor for love of cars. It answers both our instincts and socially constructed perceptions of happiness.

For most men is natural to follow their instincts, but social recognition is just as important and so when a single object can bring them both, they get emotionally attached to it. Moreover, it is not easy for most men today to buy the dream car, and they work hard to make it happen. Thus, it becomes something they been waiting and working for, which is why they feel passionate about it and when they achieve it they love it… and take care of it. This can give some hints to many women out there wondering about the best approach to hold the man’s attention and affection.

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