THE PLOT THICKENS! Can Bongi outwit Lerato?

Lerato has made it very clear that she wants to sabotage Bongi. Will Bongi be able to stop her? Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

When Bongi saved Lerato from Doc a few months ago, Lerato seemed to have changed. She was so grateful to Bongi that she seemingly wanted to change her life and be a kinder person.

She befriended Bongi and helped her sort out the funeral expenses. She even helped Bongi get back on her feet. But all of this changed when Bongi decided that she wanted to be involved in Red. Lerato set out to sabotage her by exploiting her weaknesses.

Now, Lerato will do just about anything to get Bongi out of Red so that she can be in charge again. But it looks like Bongi is slowly, but surely seeing through Lerato’s act. She has a strong support system in Lungile and Zinzi and is starting to get the hang of things at Red.

Will Lerato succeed in destroying Bongi or will she outwit her?

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