Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions

Keep Away from People Who Try to Belittle Your Ambitions. Small People Always Do That, but the Really Great Ones Make You Feel That You Too Can Become Great – Mark Twain

 Life is not long enough to continually allow yourself to be influenced by negative people.  A key part of life is learning the ability to break free from those who seek to hold you back.  Don’t continue to get abused by these dream killers, find the courage within yourself to make a change.  Your time is too valuable, and your dreams are too important!
Seek out those who will support and inspire you along your journey toward your dreams.  Decide to cultivate relationships that bring you value, peace, and love.  It is those relationships that deserve your precious time.
Look for opportunities to be that person for someone else.  Become someone who encourages others and builds them up, rather than breaks them down.  Everyone’s dream is of equal value, become a person who supports others ambitions, and you will suddenly find yourself surrounded by others who support yours.       

Victor Fungai Muzvidzwa is the founder and editor of and Native Media, a creative digital agency based in Johannesburg

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