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7 Biggest scandals on Scandal! in 2016

Let’s take a look at some of the best secrets, lies and betrayals on Scandal! in 2016. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Secrets, lies, scandals and betrayals have a way of creeping up. And, this year we’ve seen a couple unravelling in front of our eyes on Scandal!

Here are some of the most scandalous moments in 2016, in no particular order:

1. The Thembeka tragedy

From murdering Audrey’s boyfriend and faking her pregnancy, amongst other shenanigans, Thembeka definitely had us exhilarated.

It’s her court trial that we will never forget. Her lies and secrets were revealed, and people saw the bad person she really was.

Thembeka might have won the case, but she lost all she ever cared for.

2. Hector’s death and the Nyathis

As much as Mangi detests his father, whenever Lucas was in trouble, he always had his back. This was evident when Hector died in Lucas’ room during a heated argument.

Mangi helped Lucas cover Hector’s death and kept it a secret. However, Romeo later discovered the truth which opened another can of worms. But, Mangi still managed to get it all sorted out.

3. Dintle vs the Nyathi boys

Without any doubt, Dintle put the “S” in scandal this year. It all started when she discovered Mangi is not as progressive as the other Nyathi men, namely Quinton and Lucas.

She made moves on Quinton when he was vulnerable and they slept together.

She then moved to Lucas and they had a longstanding blesser/blessee relationship. That was until they got caught. Dintle claimed Lucas raped her.

She’s now pregnant and there’s a possibility that the baby isn’t Mangi’s. So who is the father?

Dintle is currently busy scamming her husband of Lobola money. If this isn’t scandalous, then we don’t know what the meaning of Scandal! is.

4. Maletsatsi and Gloria’s breakup

Poor Tsatsi! She’s always been a good friend to Gloria. She forgave every bad thing she ever did to her, and she’s was always there for her.

But when Gloria betrayed her by going after her company, she couldn’t bring herself to forgive her.

5. A son defeated an almighty father  

Who would’ve foreseen Mangi defeating Lucas? Some have tried and they’ve all failed. But, Mangi triumphed.

It all started when Mangi found out his father was sleeping with his wife. After beating him up, Mangi tried to destroy Lucas by forming a coalition with Romeo. In the end, Mangi made Lucas flare the country.

Who would have thought?

6. Ndu cheating on Gontse

For a while, the two were a typical “boring” couple. That was until Ndu met Phindile, Zinzi’s sister. They hit it off from the get go and had an affair.

Lindiwe found out about the affair and told Gontse, who confronted Ndu. He confessed, but didn’t reveal he was cheating with Phindile.

All was revealed to Gontse on her wedding day. Tjoo! But she continued trusting her husband.

How long will the marriage last?

7. Lindiwe cheating in exams

Shame Lindi! Being compared to academically strong siblings put pressure on her. But she took the easy way out and cheated in the exams. It was all Romeo’s idea. #Obvs

But when Romeo tried to get Lindi out of trouble by planting a question paper in Mary’s bag to frame her, Lindiwe had no choice but to confess.

When her parents found out, she ran away from home and later posted a suicidal video on Facebook.


It truly has been a great year filled with incredible, adrenaline-charged and emotional storylines. We can’t wait for the 2017 scandals to unfold.

What has been your favourite 2016 scandal?

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