5 things we hate about woman on top sex position

We absolutely love this position because of several reasons, one of them is that we’re merely a spectator unless we want to get involved. As much as it’s cool and it’s the ideal position for ladies to reach orgasm.

There are few quirks about this position.

1. You can damage the dick

Depending on how passionate you’re while riding us, there is risk of serious injury, and its not funny. You can actually break the dick with the way you’re riding it. It doesn’t happen often but it doesn’t mean it cannot happen.

2. What do we do with the hair

If you hair is unpacked and you’re riding with your upper body almost touching ours or touching us. Your hair can be such a bother especially when its unpacked it can be very annoying. We don’t want to eat your hair, please pack it.


3. It’s a risky position

Allow me explain, when you’re riding us, we are open and very vulnerable. In case you want to kill us, this position will make it very easy. It will be easy to drive a knife into us from that position, and fight back is very limited.

4. We cannot see your butt

It might not mean we don’t enjoy it. Not seeing how great that ass is sad dilemma. We can grab it but we would love to see it too.


5. Stop doing that with your elbow

So, you’re using our chest for leverage. That elbow is really hurting. Please stop it, it’s very painful.