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Tall, Short, Dark, Light: What a Woman Prefers in a Man and Why

When asked to describe what they are looking for a in a man, many women reply that they prefer a man who is tall, dark and handsome.

While this may seem discriminatory, there is actually some evolutionary evidence that guides this preference, but if you happen to be a short, balding, red faced, pale fellow of average looks, fear not, women are attracted to other traits and often how you act is more important to a woman than what you look like.

Research has shown that being tall gives a man an evolutionary advantage over someone who is short. Height is equated with good health and athletic ability.

Tan skin equates to spending more time outside, having more leisure time and being less susceptible to certain skin disorders. The pigment in the skin of dark and brown haired people also tends to promote more even skin tone with less blotchiness.

Darker skin tones have a tendency to hide flaws while whiter skin sets off broken blood vessels, bruises and flushing of the skin and tan lines (think farmer’s tan, freckling and red necks).

When someone is sick, we refer to them as looking pale, though fake tans which glow orange or red or overly dark skin which hides facial features, and sun damaged skin, may all be turn offs rather than turn ons. Each individual is different and part of the preference for darker skinned males may be due to cultural norms which change over time.

Darkness also refers to hair preference. Dark hair has more eumelanin than lighter hair and tends to be thicker and reflects light more than light hair in general, though again this is not always the case, but thick, shiny hair is also a positive sign of good health.

It may be that dark hair tends to accentuate facial features as well, which is one reason why women apply dark mascara and eyeliner and eyebrow pencil, to attract males to their facial features.

Some feel that darkness holds a quality of mystery for a woman and equates with dangerous men which may be more sexually exciting, but again it is more than just hair and skin color that attract a woman to a man.

In general all people, no matter what their gender prefer attractive mates with symmetrical features. If you have a narrow nose, big ears, close set, small eyes or a pointy chin or large brow, you may have less success with women than someone with more evenly matched features.

All humans tend to associate certain facial traits with intelligence, kindness and temperament. You can’t change your facial features, but you can change your facial expressions to become more welcoming. If you are scowling all the time or walk around day dreaming with your mouth hanging open not making eye contact, chances are your success rate with women will be lacking.

No matter what your hair and skin color or physical build there are certain attractive features and traits that you can control and others than you cannot.

Attractive Traits You Can Control or Mimic

1: Posture – you may not be six foot two with eyes of blue, but if you stand tall with shoulders back and gut tucked in, you can mimic the tough guy look with an air of confidence.

2. Muscular – defined muscles and keeping your figure trim are sure fire ways to attract a woman. Too much muscle is not as attractive to women as being toned and fit. The goal is to look disciplined without being obsessed with the weight room or your reflection in the mirror.

3. Get a tan – a light tan helps to hide skin flaws and shows you enjoy getting outdoors and are not afraid of a little outside work. It also indicates that you have no skin diseases that are adversely affected by sunlight.

4. Drive a nice car and know how to repair it – women are attracted to a man who drives a nice car and takes good care of it. Just don’t brag about how much you paid for it or bore them with too many mechanical details or act like you love your car more than you love her.

5. Bright eyes – while you may have darker colored eyes, you can still keep them looking healthy by getting enough sleep, exercising and eating right. Bloodshot eyes, drooping or swollen, puffy skin around the eyes may indicate you do not eat or sleep well which may be underlying causes of poor health.

6. Sense of humor – having a good sense of humor can be more important than how you look. A good sense of humor shows that you are attentive to details and tend to be kind spirited. Do not make jokes at the expense of others or put others down or be a practical joker though, as these qualities often mark you as childish and insensitive; not caring and intuitive. You should be able to laugh at yourself and laugh with others rather than the other way around.

7. Wealth and generosity – you do not have to be a millionaire, but knowing how to invest your money wisely, not being too extravagant, but being willing to splurge on special things and share your wealth with others while knowing when to set limits is an attractive quality that marks you as a stable, supportive kind of guy.

8. Dress well – women prefer a sharp dressed man. It is okay to wear sandals and board shorts if you are out working in the yard or at the beach, but when you go on a date, you need to wear stylish, yet practical footwear with well fitting clothes. Some women report that they look at two things when they first meet a man – his eyes and his shoes! Don’t wear unusual styles, like pointed toe flats or red or purple shoes. Stick to brown or black leather and wear dark socks with any dress shoe, never white and never sockless.

9. Learn to play a musical instrument and play it well – it takes talent to read music as well as the ability to keep a beat, which is equated with intelligence (ability to follow directions and pay attention to where you are at in a piece) and athleticism (good timing and coordination). Musicians and singers also tend to attract a crowd and be popular, which is also an attractive trait.

10. Be a good listener and know when to ask appropriate questions and when to remain silent. If you are socially awkward and cannot start a conversation or keep it going, you will feel uncomfortable and may drive others away from you, but if you can engage them and entertain them, they will flock to you, even if just for the amusement value.

Ten Traits That Are Difficult to Fake, but Not Impossible

  1. Deep voice – the more baritone your voice, the more manly you will appear. If you laugh like a little girl and scream like a woman if a spider jumps on you, you might amuse others around you, but are unlikely to be labeled as a manly man.
  2. Natural leader – a man who takes charge and shows confidence and true leadership shows he has the ability to keep a woman and her family safe. Leaders tend to do well in business and have important positions in life as well.
  3. Courage – goes along with leadership. Women prefer men who can stand up against a bully and not back down; though being reckless and offensive (starting fights) can have an adverse effect.
  4. Honest and caring – if you try to fake a quality you do not possess, at some point it will become apparent. If you are honest about your weaknesses and truly care about a woman, she will feel comfortable and develop a feeling of trust and caring toward you as well. You can still be manly and show you have feelings.
  5. Being famous or having a lot of admiring friends. Women like leaders. The more other women are attracted to you, the more desirable you will be. It is like going to a shoe sale with ten women fighting over the last pair of size 8 pumps. There is an adrenaline rush to “capturing” the elusive male that every other female desires.
  6. Be good with children. If you are uncomfortable with children or find them irritating, women may see you as an unsuitable partner if they wish to have children in the future. Liking children and being able to interact with them marks you as a good potential father and generally a patient man.
  7. Being good to animals/owning pets – the same as being good to children. Being kind to animals and respecting them rather than abusing them, shows that you will be a good father and a good mate and if you own an animal and take good care of it, it means you are committed to caring for something long term.
  8. Quick witted – if you are the first to get a joke or to notice something and make sense of it, you show that you have intelligence and are alert and aware of your environment and can adapt to new situations without being overwhelmed by change.
  9. Athletic and able to win in sports – while no one likes a sore loser, no one really likes someone who consistently loses either. Your ability to do well in sports, even if you are not the best, shows that you can learn and grow and compete for resources and provide for your mate and family.
  10. Passionate, energetic and adventurous – all rolled into one! Women want a man who can be adventurous and exciting; who can stay focused on a task, complete a job and be flexible enough to do fun things on the spur of the moment while using wise judgment.

Other Traits

Other traits women look for in a man – smelling good without being overpowering. Women like men to smell and dress like men. Body odor is not necessarily attractive, but a slight smell of natural scent is. Go easy on the under arm deodorant and aftershave and cologne. A little goes a long way.

A strong handshake is a plus as is good coordination. Men who are intelligent, good at math, have carpentry and mechanical skills and are good at camping and outdoor recreation are also a turn on.

Owning your own home and taking good care of it is as important to some women as is owning your own car and taking good care of it. it shows emotional stability and financial responsibility.

A man who is neat and clean, does not owe money or have health issues, is not allergic, does not play video games or watch TV in excess, has a positive attitude and does not complain too much is a real plus to most women.

Women like men who can be a good loser and not want to get back at people for doing something unkind towards them.

While being passionate is a plus, being too passionate or hung up on an issue is a turn off. If you are still whining about the presidential election that did not go your way three years after the election, this could be a turn off.

Being able to let go of things and move on and being able to forgive are also important.

Faithfulness, dependability, kindness and moral integrity, are top traits a woman looks for in a man and while the dark and mysterious, tough guy who is a little dangerous, may be highly attractive to women, it is the rare female who is not viewing a man she dates as a potential mate and father who will be able to support and provide for the family by guiding them with wisdom and love.

While being sharp dressed, having a nice physique and good smile may attract females, more innate qualities like caring, sharing, humor and responsibility will help to keep them!

Remember that females are not fond of fakes, so don’t go dying your hair black, getting a spray on tan and putting lifts in your shoes. Just be yourself and if it is meant to be, then it will be and if not, there is always someone out there waiting for someone just like you, so don’t discount your chances.

There is also nothing wrong with being single. Having a mate does not necessarily make you a better human being and it is better to be friends with women than marry one that ends up making your life miserable expecting you to be all the things you are not and blaming you for their unhappiness.

Getting married is a big commitment and having children together is an even greater commitment, so enjoy being single while you can and if the right woman comes along, it doesn’t matter what you look like or what great qualities you possess; she is going to love you for who you are, even if you sleep in Star Wars pajama bottoms and eat cereal out of a coffee cup by pouring it in your mouth because you don’t know where any of the clean spoons are.

Women have different preferences for men, but the more genuine and comfortable you are with yourself and with others, the greater your chances of meeting someone who will find you attractive. Don’t try too hard to be Mr. Right.

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