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Telkom revises uncapped data policy


In the wake of a storm of protest about its throttling and capping its  “always uncapped, never throttled” LTE high-speed wireless broadband service, Telkom announced on Tuesday that it has revised its Fair Use Policy (FUP).

“Effective immediately, customers making use of the LTE Uncapped product will receive an additional 100GB of full speed data per month,” said Telkom’s head of group communication and PR, Jacqui O’Sullivan. “This means that customers would have to use in excess of 300GB of data per month before Telkom’s FUP will be applied.

“In the few instances in which we are forced to apply the FUP, we have ensured that customers still have a fast enough connection to ensure that their service is still usable for the remainder of the month,” she said.

Those who exceed 300GB will have their connection throttled to 4Mb/s for 50GB. “Should customers exceed the additional 50GB of data, Telkom will offer another 50GB of data at 2MBps for the remainder of the month,” O’Sullivan said.

Those who still want out of the contract can cancel without penalty.

Reaction was mixed on Twitter. “My speeds are back to normal,” tweeted Chris van der Velden. “I’m actually surprised Telkom acted this swiftly on something. Seems like a fair compromise to me.”

But John McLaren was unimpressed. “That’s a joke, Uncapped is uncapped. Sue them.”

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