‘Queen of Swag'” Everything we know about Buhle Mkhize

It seems like fashionista Buhle Mkhize has officially moved past the feud with Norma Gigaba, which hogged headlines last year.

Buhle Mkhize is still trending on Instagram today and we decided to spend some time on her profiles and learn more about who she is – other than the reported ex side-chick of a politician, Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba. Mkhize described herself as a fashionista, a buyer for high-end boutiques, and stylist for celebrity and private clients.

Her Instagram page is full of crazy, expensive and fabulous outfits but she definitely knows how to pull off whatever look she is going for.

‘I don’t imagine ‘Queen Of Swag ‘ would ever be a heading of any article involving me but I must say SWAG is the truth right now 🙂 . I have learned to embrace it and have found ways of incorporating it in to my wardrobe . I even dabbled with flats recently . The next big thing would be to see myself in a pair of sneakers . Well that may be a long wait ! 

Here are a few things we know about Buhle Mkhize …

She has a serious eye for fashion